A Little About Me.....

It's 2001!!! Oh my gosh!!

And life is good. Family, friends, jobs, home...
What can I say....Life is good!
And with all that goes on in my life, family is the best!
Anything that pertains to me ties in with my family.
And of course they deserve mentioning!
They have a great website Our Family Circus that gives a lot of history
but the most current news is at the webcam.

Let me share a little about me with you...
I'm am OKIE by birth and remain one by choice. I was raised in
a little town in southern Oklahoma...Temple(about 1200).It's in Cotton
county and about 35 miles south of Lawton. I'm am an only child of
great parents. I'm adopted, so I feel double blessed. My mom
and dad adopted me when they were about 40, so I suppose I was
spoiled, but I turned out OK. :0) My mom is still living (she's 87)
, and my dad passed away about 20 years ago. My ex-husband (now dead) was from
Waurika (which is 20 miles east of Temple). I have one beautiful
daughter. The "ex" stuff is all history and a part of the past,
which is exactly where the past should be. After 42 years,
of living within 20 miles of home, I MOVED!! To Stillwater, where
I now reside. I tell everyone that moving was my mid-life event!
I work in the Chemistry Department at Oklahoma State University
and love it here. I think I will probably stay...Stillwater is
a great little place (about 40,000 and half are students). It's
big enough, but continues to have a rural atmosphere. Since I'm
a country girl through and through, that certainly helps.:0)
OSU is an ag university, so there are lots of Wranglers and
Stetsons around here. (big smile)
I love music (all types) and was ready to do my student teaching
in Vocal Music Ed when God moved me to Stillwater. Circumstances
dictated a change, so I've completed my degree with a major in
Psychology and a huge minor in music. I am starting the
Masters program this fall. The degree will be in
Academic Education/Advisement.
In the last few years, I have served as
Minister of Music in my church, directing adult and children's
choirs and doing some drama. I've been fortunate to sing with the
Lawton Philharmonic Chorale for several years and played (trumpet)
with the Cameron Community Band. I've been a bookkeeper and
pharmacy tech along the way to support my daughter and myself.
Needless to say...life has never been too slow or dull at my house!
I have two wonderful boys (my Cockers)that share my home.
I have a tatoo...an adorable little bear, complete with
scenic background and maybe I can get Christie to post
a pic some time.
Well, I've rattled on enought about me....
For now, I will bid you "good day" and leave you
with my Bible verse that keeps me smiling when I would just as soon not.
"When a man is gloomy, everything seems to go wrong;
when he is cheerful, everything seems right!" Proverbs 15:15
May your life be filled with joy and peace and the love of God.
See you soon! :-)

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